Be Like Teddy

President Theodore Roosevelt was a champion for sportsmen, because he knew that hunting and fishing were crucial to preserving and protecting wildlife. Today, as fewer people hunt and fish and anti-hunting and animal rights groups campaign against our sports, we need you to Be Like Teddy. Help us educate the public about the true values of hunting and fishing.

Now you can make a difference. Protect hunting, fishing, and wildlife in your state for sportsmen today and for generations to come.

The Nimrod Society is here to support you. We’ve created the tools you need, and you can use them at no cost.

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The Colorado Wildlife Council’s mission is to educate the general public about the benefits of wildlife, wildlife management, and wildlife-related recreational opportunities in Colorado, specifically hunting and fishing. The council is funded through a surcharge on hunting and fishing licenses, and managed by a citizen advisory board.

Model Legislation

The Nimrod Society was created in order to facilitate programs to educate the general public on the positive role anglers and hunters play in society through accurate and factual education and media programs. Current education programs run by state wildlife agencies are narrowly focused on hunter education and wildlife education in schools. These agencies do not have the money or resources to properly educate the general public about the broader positive issues involving wildlife sports.

Our goal is to expand a public education program to all states nationally, therefore we have prepared a guide for Pittman-Robertson Act Compliance, and model legislation for your use.

Model Legislation

Model Wildlife Council Legislation

Model Legislation

Pittman-Robertson Act Compliance

Marketing Toolkit

The Nimrod Society has prepared a media kit for state agencies to use and adopt. The media kit includes all the components and licensing required for broadcast, print, and billboard advertising. Fill out the form below to have this exclusive kit sent directly to you!

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